I'm Luke Murphy-Wearmouth, also known as @lurkmoophy. I've been designing and building websites since the late nineties in various guises, and currently work as a Product Designer at Memrise.

When I'm not obsessing over pixels, I help run things at Early Doors Disco and head up product at Wax & Stamp.

I'm building out this site as we speak (I type? You read?). In the meantime, the best thing to do is check out my work over on Dribbble

I also speak at various conferences and meetups on design, illustration, development and other assorted things. Find me elsewhere online: view my Dribbble shots, follow me on Twitter, or buy my prints on Etsy. I also take hipster photos on Instagram, pretend I'm a DJ on Soundcloud and listen to other people doing a better job on Spotify.

* Good guy at least 87% of the time. The other times I'm a bit of a dick.

PS. I almost put one of those little 'Under Construction' animated gif dudes, but went for this instead. I'm building this after my old site disappeared.