Heya. I'm Luke.

I am currently a Product Designer at Memrise, so not taking on freelance gigs at the moment. However, I could always be tempted, so if your project is super exciting then get in touch.

For about ten years I've been a designer, illustrator, developer and a few other hats. These days, I mostly dabble in product design and illustration, doing everything from UX documentation to prototyping to branding to visual design, as well as sketching stupid things and lettering elaborate swears onto post-it notes.

Before that, I worked in content, digital strategy and social media, which I still ocassionally consult and train people on, to avoid people making the mistakes that bug me.

I'm also CTO of vinyl startup Wax & Stamp, one third of the team behind Early Doors Disco, run a little art-print side business called Neverwood Prints, and organise meetups and conferences in and around London when I feel a little lonely. In that past I ran the app development conference Native Summit, co-founded the theatre networking group Twespians and occasionally chased ghosts in pubs throughout London. In the 5 hours I have free every year, I also play music in an unknown band.

Aside from all this, I also speak at conferences around Europe on design, storytelling, UX, typography, creativity and why Josie and the Pussycats is a criminally underrated film.

If you want to look at some examples of my work, see the projects below or my workings on Dribbble.

Selected Projects

Unless specified otherwise, I was responsible for both the design and development of all the below projects.

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